Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Need Chemical Overhaul For Your Air Conditioner?

If the Air-Conditioners have been Used without Repair for a Long Period of Time, they Need to be Chemically Overhauled. This Process helps us to Restore the Efficiency of your unit. With a Chemical Redesign, we will further Boost the Efficiency of the machine.

Chemical Overhaul is a method of thoroughly Cleaning and Refurbishing the Air-Conditioner. The Process is aimed at Cleaning the Air-Conditioning parts and machines that have remained Unclean for a Long Time. This is also Recommended, in Particular, for Air-Conditioners that have been used continuously without Maintenance. Chemical Overhaul therefore Helps to Restore and Improve the Efficiency of the Air-Conditioning unit. This Process is also very Useful in Restoring the Functionality of the machines when the Usual Cleaning Processes Fail to Do so.

Chemical Overhaul

What does the Aircon Chemical Overhaul Entail?

In contrast to General Aircon Service, Aircon Chemical Overhaul offers a more thorough Cleaning of your Aircon unit. The following Steps are covered by our Professional Technicians when Performing an Aircon Chemical Overhaul:

Uncoupling and Removal of Individual Air-Conditioning Systems

Chemical Treatment and Cleaning of Evaporator Coils and other Relevant Sections

Cleaning of Air-Conditioning Exterior Panels and Frames, including both Frames and Housing units on the sides, Bottom and Top of the Air-Conditioner.

Chemical cleaning and treatment of air conditioning pipes, blower wheels and fan blades

Chemical Cleaning of Condenser Coils in the Air-Conditioning unit

Cleaning of the Air-Conditioner Condensation Vapor Collection Tank

Chemical Flushing of Condensation Drain Pipes

Evaluation of the working conditions of the Blower Fan Engine of the Air-Conditioner and Application of Lubricants to Increase Functionality

Inspection of Major Electrical Connections for Safety and Correct Circuit

Checking the Causes of Unusual Noise produced during the Service of Air Conditioners

Once the pieces have been Removed, each of them is thoroughly Tested. Depending on the State of the Pieces, some may need to be Patched, while others may Need a Complete Replacement.

After you’ve completed an Air-Conditioner Overhaul, you should Expect your machine to work like New again.



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