Things to Know Before Installing Air-conditioners

Are you looking for an Aircon Installation in Singapore? Are you going to be a New Homeowner looking for a New Air-Conditioning system, or just looking to Replace your Old and Faulty Air-Conditioning unit?

With Singapore’s hot climate, almost all Homes and Commercial areas are Air-Conditioned. However, if you’re just planning to get an Aircon Installation done, it’s Important to take Note of the Important Points before going Straight into the job.

Aircon Installation is one of the most Important aspects for all households in Singapore, as it will affect the ambience of the room, the overall Cooling Environment and Future Maintenance of Airconditioning

In KTL Aircon Servicing Singapore, all of our Installers are Well Trained to Install various Air-Conditioning Systems. A Proper Installation is required to ensure that the unit is carefully Positioned and Installed. So that it Maximizes its Performance and Coolness.

It is Important to Install your units Professionally and Properly, as there are many Benefits to it. With the Proper Installation of the units, ensure that your units work in the Best Possible way and are able to Cool down your House or Office in the Shortest Period of time. We are Confident that our Experienced, Qualified Air-Conditioning Experts will be able to meet all your Air-Conditioning Needs in the Installation of your Home or Office units. Read on for more information or just contact us now at +65 9675 1953!

Here’s what you need to know if you plan to install a unit in your home / office:

Understanding the Different Types of Air-Conditioners takes a little time to get used to it.

You’re probably going to think “What? Can’t be Accurate, because you can already just mount it into the wall? “It’s not that Clear-Cut Sadly. There are Different Types of Air-Conditioner units on the market so it is Important to Determine which Model is Best suited to your rooms.

Wall vs Window Air Conditioner

The most frequently used are Wall-Mounted and Window units. As their names suggest, the former is Permanently Sealed to, or Mounted on, the Exterior wall, while the latter fits right into the Existing Window. Both come with their Pros and Cons; having a wall Air-Conditioner means that you don’t have to give up your Window Space and are much more Economical in the long run. The Downside, however, is that Installation costs may be Higher (because you’re likely to need to Create openings).

Please Note that if you plan to Ia wall Air-Conditioner in your HDB unit, you will need a trained BCA Air-Conditioner Technician to assist you. In Addition, you must Submit an Installation Report to your Respective HDB branch within 14 days of Installation.

On the other hand, Window Air-Conditioners are easy to Install without Professional Assistance. They come in a Variety of Sizes that can fit Vertical , Horizontal or Sliding Windows. Irrespective of the Configuration, the most Important Thing to Note before buying one is to make sure that you take Accurate Measurements of your window so that it fits Perfectly.


Source: Energy.Gov

Inverter vs non-inverter

You’re bound to come across these terms if you’re thinking about getting a Wall Air-Conditioner. In short, Inverter Air-Conditioners run on a Variable Speed Compressor, while Non-Inverter Varieties operate at Full Load whenever the Compressor is Switched On.

Still, it sounds like Quantum Physics? Essentially, the Inverter Air-Conditioner Compressor reduces its running speed once the Desired Temperature is reached. This differs from Non-Inverter Air-Conditioners, which have Fixed-Speed Compressors that run only at Full or Minimum Capacity.

System 2/3/4/5

The figure represents the ratio of the number of Indoor Units to one Outdoor Unit. For Example, the System 3 Air-Conditioner unit will consist of 3 Indoor Units to 1 Outdoor Unit. The System Combination you choose depends on the number of rooms you like to have Air-Conditioners in. So, if you want to have Air-Conditioners for all three rooms plus a living room in your 4-room BTO, you’ll probably get System 4.

The Size of your Rooms is more Important than you Think

Bigger doesn’t Necessarily mean better when it comes to Air-Conditioners. Smaller Rooms do not need Powerful Air-Conditioners to Cool Down (or, in this case, make it look like a Freezer Compartment) or do you want to Install an Air-Conditioner that cannot Cool the Entire Room Area.

Thankfully, there’s a Simple way to Determine the Ability of the Air-Conditioner to Cool the Room. All Air-Conditioners are Equipped with a Standard British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating, which Measures their Cooling Capacity. How much BTUs you need for a Room is Calculated by Multiplying the Square Foot of that room by 35.

There are Several other Factors that will have an Impact on the Overall BTU of the room. If the Room Faces the Afternoon Sun, you’ll Need to Add another 10% to the total. Conversely, you can Subtract 10% if the room doesn’t get a lot of sunlight.

The use of the room also Influences the Recommended BTUs. Kitchens tend to be Warmer due to Heavy Cooking, so if you Install an Air-Conditioner, you should add 4,000 BTUs. Living rooms have the Largest Floor Area in the Property and usually Accommodate more than two people at any time, so it is Necessary to Add between 600-800 BTU per person (depending on the size of your household).

Just by figuring out the BTUs per Room do you Calculate how many Air-Conditioning units you will Need, as well as the Total Amount you will have to pay per unit purchased.

Aircon Installation Services

In Singapore, the most popular Aircon Installation Services for HDB / Condo residential Homes are for the Installation of system 3 Aircon and System 4 Aircon Systems. As in most landed properties, Ceiling (Cassette) Air Conditioning is usually preferred for living rooms with a High Ceiling and Split air Conditioning unit for Bedrooms.

Aircon Brands

Our company provides Professional Air-Conditioning for all Aircon Brands and Models (Inverter Aircon and Non-Inverter Aircon) in Singapore. Our Aircon Brands include Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, Carrier, LG, Fujitsu, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba and more.

Aircon Systems Type

We provide Aircon Installation Services for a Full Range of Air-Conditioning Systems including, Wall Mounted Air-Conditioning unit, Ceiling Mounted Air-Conditioning unit, Ceiling Mounted Air-Conditioning unit, Windows Mounted Air-Conditioning unit, Ducted Air-Conditioning System, Portable Air-Conditioning unit and more.

Aircon Installation Services Add-on

Additional Complementing Aircon Services may be provided as part of our Installation / Replacement package. Details of the Additional Services you require can be discussed with our Aircon Service Installers during the Finalization Period of the Sales Order. Examples of some Additional Services that we provide include Removal of Old Aircondition from Wall / Ceiling / Window, Installation of Approved Support Brackets and more. So if you have a Specific Air Condition Installation Requirement, do not hesitate to share with us.

Excellent After-Sales Support

We are the recommended Aircon Installer in Singapore offering a wide range of Aircon Services. Our Technicians are Fully Equipped to Install common Condo / HBD systems, including System-3 Air-Conditioners. Our Professional Air-Conditioning Installers are also available for Landed Properties requiring Air-Conditioning or Replacement in apartments where the Ceiling is Higher than usual (Cassette Aircon) or Split units for bedroom purposes.

We are proud of our Experienced Aircon Technicians with the industry’s required licenses to ensure Premium Aircon Installation. Whether you are in a Residential or Commercial Complex, we ensure that our Air-Conditioning Specialists are equipped with the necessary tools for proper Air-Conditioning.

So, if you are looking for a Good & Reliable Aircon Installation Company or just check the Air-con Installation prices, just Contact US at +65 9675 1953 for an Immediate Response!

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