How Much Can you save

Maximize your $avings

First Time / Existing Home Owners who want to cut down on the cost of Electrical Installation Services while cutting down on Time and Effort. Work with our Market
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Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saver

Saving Money and Energy at Home You have the authority to save Money and Energy in your home. Saving Energy decreases our nation’s demand for the resources required to create Energy, and enhancing your Energy Efficiency is like adding another clean Energy Source to our Electricity grid. The result is a reduction in utility bills and Money in your
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Trust Electricians Singapore

Trust Electricians Singapore with your Electrical Installation

Electrical Wiring Installation — If you add an Electrical Device to a place that has never been wired for it, you will need a Licensed Electrician to prepare the site. A pro will install the correct wire, switch or outlet and make any necessary adjustments to your Electrical Panel. Whether you are just adding a single light or appliance or extending your home with a room addition or conversion, correct installation of wiring is crucial for the secure operation of any electrical device. A Licensed and Insured Electrician will follow
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Electrical Service & Repair

Electrical Service & Repair

Need Assistance with Electrical Maintenance? Trying to Repair or Install Electrical Products on your own can be Daunting and Potentially Dangerous, especially if the Fixture is Faulty without Experience.
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Competent Electrician VS Experienced Electrician

Are there any differences with the competent electricians? You might be confused about this question because it is ironic. For many, these people are all the same as long
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Top 6 Energy Benefits of Light Control

With Electricians Singapore light controls, you can save Energy and Enhance your work atmosphere and quality of life at home. We have collected a list of 10 eco-friendly facts about light management alternatives that are often neglected. You may be surprised by the opportunities. 1. Light Control Increases comfort and can Enhance
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Did you know they need to have a License?

Did you know electricians need to have a License?

Do you need some assistance with an Electrical issue? Read these useful tips from the Singapore Consumers Association (CASE) and the Singapore Energy Market Authority before you hire someone to solve it. 1. You should only engage a Licensed Electrical worker for Electrical work in your home and office because Electrical work performed by Unlicensed Electrical workers may pose Safety Hazards and cause property damage or injury
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