MK Electrical Socket Replacement

Replace MK Electrical Socket
MK Electrical Socket

MK Sockets – The Safest Available

MK’s sockets have a “child resistant shutter system”, which is designed to inhibit access to the electricity supply, unless all three pins of a British plug are in position.

Maintenance for Power Socket / Electrical PowerPoint Services in Singapore

1. Safety
Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous if you do not approach correctly. You are putting yourself in the risk of electrical shock for an insignificant amount of money.

2. Cost-Effective
Most homeowners who try to DIY an electrical repair on fail. Moreover, frequently, the worst problem more complicated to fix than first place.

3. Troubleshooting
Don’t assume, you end up buying more parts and waste more time, doing trial and error.

4. Education and Certification
Professional electricians pass through many hours of learning, deliver a certain standard of work that you can’t achieve without those hours of training and experience.

5. Long-Term Peace of Mind
Hire a professional electrician to protect your peace of mind & extend its lifetime and prevent future problems. Good Man Electrician extends a One Year warranty for all

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