One Time General Aircon Service

General Aircon Service

Preventing is Easier than Treating. Due to the Environmental Conditions of use, it is Important to provide General Services to keep the Air Conditioning Equipment running in its Best Condition.

Air-Conditioning Service is of Great Importance to all Home and Business Owners alike. You may have Air-Conditioners in your Home for the Comfort of your loved ones or in your Office to create a Comfortable working environment for your team members. Most people still have the wrong mindset to Save on Low Service Rates but end up Spending More to Repair their Air-Conditioners due to lLack of Maintenance.

Air-Conditioning Systems can Encourage the Growth and Spread of Microorganisms without being Properly Maintained. Preventing is Easier than Treating. It is important to Breathe in Clean , Healthy Air. You wouldn’t want to Breathe in Stale Air, end up getting Sick by visiting your Doctor on a Regular Basis.

Another Reason why the Machine should be Serviced on Time is that it Reduces the Operating Costs Involved. You know that Air+Conditioners will Cost Large Sums to run Simply because of the Energy used to power them. And Energy Consumption can be much Higher if the Device has not been Serviced on Time. You can also save yourself Huge Sums by keeping Running Costs As Low As they can be.

Air-Conditioners are seen as a Long-Term Investment, so you want to get a Decent Return for the Money you spend on them. Therefore, their Regular Service is Important because it Improves the Longevity of your unit.

Get a one-time general service

The Service includes Cleaning the Indoor Fancoil and the Outdoor Condenser, Clearing the Drain Pipe and checking the Performance of the Air-Conditioning system.

Scope of Work

 Clean & Check Air Filter, Front Panel & Cover

 Check the Deodorizing and Purifying Filter

 Clean & Check the Inside Evaporator Coil

 Clean & Check the Indoor Drainage Tray (Wall Mount Fancoil)

 Vacuuming of the Drainage Pan (Ceiling of the Fancoil Mount)

 Vacuuming the Drainage System

 Brush & Check out the Outdoor Condenser Coil

 Check the Bearing of the Fan and Lubricate (if necessary)

 Check the Suction and Discharge Pressure of the Compressor

 Reinforcement of Electrical Contacts

* Scope not Applicable above for Ceiling-Covered Fancoil


 Water Leakage Rectification (by vacuum) during the Contract Period

 Minimize Aircon System Breakdown

 Prolong Aircon System’s Lifespan

 Cleaner & Healthier Air

 Improve Quality of Indoor Air

 Improve the Efficiency of Cooling

* * Prices DO NOT apply to Commercial Offices, Jurong Industrial Area / Tuas, Changi / Loyang, Ocean Drive (Sentosa) and Marina Bay Sands and certain areas of Seletar.

To Ensure Consistency, Coolness and Comfort, an Air-Condition Maintenance Contract is Recommended. We provide Quality Services, including Quick Response Time and the Reliability of the Effective Performance of your Air-Conditioning System. Just leave all Maintenance Work & Problems to US!

Please do not hesitate to Call US @ +65 9675 1953 for an Immediate Response.

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