Residential Energy Savings

You have plenty of options when icomes to Energy Efficiency. Many homeowners, however, ignore main Energy- Saving opportunity – lighting. It accounts for nearly 10 percent of the monthly Electric bill of the average homeowner. Electricians Singapore light controls can assist tboost Energy Savings throughout your home.

Light control provides many methods to assist the environment while embellishing your home. Electricians Singapore dimmers and light control systems allow you to use just the correct quantity of light, lowering the use of Electricity and expanding bulb life. Without sacrificing comfort or style, you can save Energy.

Our Smart Home light control systems extend Energy Savings throughout your home and our state-of-the-art technology enables you to monitor recent Energy-Efficient light sources such as LEDs and fluorescent lights. Electricians Singapore also provides a range of single room alternatives to further boost the Energy Efficiency of your home.

Installing dimmers is one of the simplest green home improvements that you can create. With our complete range of dimmers and switches, you have a range of choices to assist you to add energy saving to a single room or throughout your home. View Electricians Singapore’s Top 6 Energy Benefits of Light Control.

Residential Rebates & Incentives

Your Energy-Saving attempts may qualify for Energy rebates. There are many rebates and other incentives for those creating Energy-Efficient Environments. Submit the form or call /WhatsApp us @+65 9680 7211 to schedule your visit to your in-home site visit.

Residential Energy Savings
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